Must-Do Caches

We welcome you to the beautiful Tennessee Valley!

You certainly have the ability to do your own searches or run your own pocket queries on the Groundspeak website, but below we offer some quick searches for you with filters already in place. For all of these queries, the search area is 50 miles from what we consider the epicenter of the Tennessee Valley (N 35° 52.017 W 84° 03.939), only includes enabled caches, and is sorted by favorite points. Once on the results page, you can alter the filters to suit your quest.

Cache offerings are a very fluid thing as they are enabled, disabled, published, and archived. As such, we realize that favorite points are not always the best way to determine “must-do” caches. This is especially true of newer hides that have not been around long enough to garner stars. Mysteries and challenges can also be “misranked” based on favs as they tend to be less sought in general and even less so as the difficulty increases.

So, if you want more specific suggestions for hides that fit your style, we suggest visiting our Facebook page and asking the community.