Must-Do Caches

We welcome you to the beautiful Tennessee Valley! We’ve put together a list of caches that we recommend you do while you’re here.

The caches on this list are caches that have stuck with us for one reason or another, caches that we think back on with a smile. Yes, some of them are hard, but they ended up being fun after the fact. Some caches were in a setting of pristine beauty that need to be experienced not for the cache, but for the journey. Others took us to places that we never expected to go.

In short, these are the caches that we would gladly do again.

These caches were selected based on several factors. Though most important was the recommendations by local cachers, we also wanted to try to include at least one or two of each type of cache. Thus, some are not as “spectacular” as others but we wanted to list some for every favorite genre.

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You may sort the caches by clicking the header of any column. Evil caches are marked as such. Caches currently inactive are shown with strikethrough text.

GC CodeNameTypeSizeDiffTerrFavsEvil
GC84C0Top of The Smokies Virtual Picture CacheVirtualVVirtual12298
GC9622Cades Cove SecretVirtualVVirtual1.51.5113
GC21XACGeo MoJo # 14 // National TreasureTraditionalTRegular5195
GC21WMGda abandoned bridgeTraditionalTRegular1552
GC14N05Ozone FallsEarthCacheENot Chosen1.51.549
GC3QXQWA Pirates Legend - Peg LegTraditionalTSmall1.51.546
GC2N75GAdventures in Geocaching (Sevierville)PuzzlePNot Chosen1.5144
GC51AF8QuadlockTraditionalTLarge3.51.539Group required
GCRC4XDiscover Knoxville #1: Blue Plate SpecialTraditionalTRegular1.5130
GC3CDPVArchimedes: A Principled CacherTraditionalTMicro41.527
GC1R8JCThe Tellico Lake Night Time Adventure CachePuzzlePLarge4.54.525Night
GC2N94T"RESTING ON A BENCH"TraditionalTNot Chosen1.51.524
GCQH52HELLO From Hollywood!TraditionalTMicro3.5123Tricky
GC115J0Little Cave of Melton HillEarthCacheENot Chosen1.51.522
GC3BYXZThe LPC Your Mother Warned You AboutMultiNot Chosen3.5122Tricky
GC2J15ZMillennium ManorTraditionalTRegular1.51.521
GC1TBEXCedar Bluff Out ReachTraditionalTMicro1421Challenging
GC46YNKRichard's GerbilTraditionalTSmall3.5420
GC32846Evil Little Thing IVTraditionalTNot Chosen3219
GCPB8QTritt CemeteryPuzzlePMicro3218
GC127YFUdderly CulturalTraditionalTRegular1118
GC2MACAPenny for Your ThoughtsTraditionalTMicro41.517Evil
GCYV4VMaxey's TrailTraditionalTSmall2217
GC3BVR3Nothing On Cable, Might As Well CacheTraditionalTNot Chosen2.51.515Tricky
GCPB8NGilliland CemeteryPuzzlePMicro23.514
GCH8Q9the Famous VillageVirtualVVirtual1113
GC11PRPGolfcart ViewTraditionalTSmall2.5213Tricky
GC1ED6MSearching for CHARLOTTEPuzzlePRegular21.513
GC11PR0Thunder Road RelicTraditionalTRegular2.5213
GC24CRFEvil Little Thing V - Melton Hill VistaTraditionalTMicro2412
GC5133ZTVG Tales: Fogies, Wild Things and Monsters. Oh myWherigoWSmall21.511
GC4Z402Lenoir City's PastWherigoWSmall2211
GC14N09Middle Fork FallsEarthCacheENot Chosen1.51.511
GC3C1WFGone Fishin'TraditionalTMicro3210
GCQWC2Anchor DownTraditionalTMicro319
GC1VAXJLetters From Outer SpaceLetterboxLRegular239
GCJECW5 Cents None The RicherTraditionalTMicro41.59Evil
GC1DZFMCache 4 SalePuzzlePRegular31.59
GC3DZGQRIP BoatTraditionalTSmall2.528
GC27YMZEvil Little Thing ITraditionalTMicro347
GC1DEPF"Big Bird & Friends" or "Return of Frankenbird"MultiMSmall2.52.56

Comments (5)

  • Mr. Geologynut
    November 9, 2012 at 5:44 pm |

    This one should be on the list, GC21XAC Geo MoJo #14 // National Treasure.

  • Mr. Geologynut
    November 9, 2012 at 5:46 pm |

    GC14N05 Ozone Falls, The “cool” factor is enough by itself but a cache is a bonus!

  • Mr. Geologynut
    November 9, 2012 at 5:49 pm |

    Klunk at his best, GC1X8WW Conundrum

  • Mr. Geologynut
    November 9, 2012 at 5:51 pm |

    Another nice Klunk creation, GC2PQAR Stumpy. Don’t let the terrain scare you.

  • frodobilbobaggins16
    June 29, 2016 at 3:29 pm |

    A great one near Farragut by Team Geologynut. GC103X5

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