Groundspeak Retiring Challenges

Challenges never took off as well as Groundspeak had hoped. In view of that, they have decide to retire challenges and focus on the more popular aspects of the game.

Click here to see the official post from the Groundspeak forums.

Save the Date for Geocaching: 12-12-12

12-12-12 SouvenirAll those caching to shake off the winter chill in the Northern Hemisphere or embracing a summer cache run in the Southern Hemisphere will earn an exclusive 12-12-12 Souvenir. Simply log a “Found it” for a cache or an “Attended” for an Event Cache on 12-12-12. Hundreds of geocaching Event Caches are already scheduled in more than 20 countries.

Click here to read the full story and watch the video at Latitude 47.

Sportablet connects Garmin devices and Android tablets

Sportablet is an Android app that allows you to connect many Garmin devices to Android tablets. Primarily intended for fitness buffs, it gives access to stats, allows you to post to Garmin Connect or Facebook and more. While it’s not designed for Garmin handhelds, it does appear to work with many of their more recent introductions. There is also a smartphone version – the Uploader for Garmin.

Click here to read the full story at GPS Tracklog.

New Path For Original Can Of Beans

Geocaching’s first trade item – the Original Can of Beans – will soon have its second official trading item.

O.C.B caretaker Jeff Holliday is planning to release his first pathtag celebrating the can of beans he recovered from the site of Dave Ulmer’s Original Stash in Beavercreek, Oregon back in 2003. And he’s chosen the Aussie Pathtag Club as his official distributor.


Click here to read the full article at It’s Not About the Numbers.

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